Giant Steps

Giant Steps was a leap forward in the timeline of jazz; at a staggering 286 beats per minute, and an ultra-demanding chord progression it is regarded as one of the greatest challenges in jazz. This redesign was done with that in mind. Illustrated using ink, oil pastel, and watercolor, this was made to encompass the feelings of passion and excitement as you delve through the package. I varied the styles of each element, allowing for the different emotions that I experienced while listening to the album to be showcased.

c. 2022

Contrasting Styles

By contrasting a graphically drawn cover with the heavily illustrated inner sleeve I wanted to draw attention to the feelings the music invokes in me personally. The cover is drawn like a graphic novel to portray the movement of Coltrane through the playing of the piece Giant Steps. The inner sleeve is drawn to express the bright emotion paired with the intense control.


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