Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a non-profit food truck. It is based around the idea of food waste reduction. The truck would collect food waste, and scraps from local restaurants and groceries and use that to make food for the community. The project was primarily created using Adobe Illustrator without the use of pre-made mockups.

ART DIRECTOR - Brian Satalino
c. 2022

Food Truck

I wanted this project to be more personal and unique. I wanted to work with an issue that I was interested in trying to help combat. So food scarcity and waste was a place that I saw the ability to take a two-pronged approach in trying to establish this food truck. The ability to have the mobility of a food truck would help with food deserts, as well as cutting down on costs, and with picking of ingredients.


The elements I conceptualized included: the menu, coffee cups, the phone app, bouillon stones and the food truck. The main deliverable of the truck itself would be the "Bouillon Stone" which takes it name from the trucks namesake, Stone Soup. The "stone" is a large hand-made bouillon that is perforated to allow it to be broken into pieces and boiled into a soup, creating a hearty and nourishing broth. The ingredients would be sourced from restaurants and grocery stores in the nearby area who would contact the food truck through an app on their phone.

Phone App

Stone Soup sources local ingredients from grocery stores and restaurants through a handy app. Once downloaded, a business would say what type of a business they are, their name, and their address. In addition, they would also mark what type of food item they would be sourcing as well as their pickup date. They would be able to donate anything from full cuts of meat that they no longer need to vegetable skins. The goal of Stone Soup is to eliminate food waste while also providing food for the homeless and hungry.

The logo creation process started very illustrative. I wanted to come from a place that felt more rustic and comforting in essence while still being able to keep up with the current mainstream design. While working through the process of designing this I started to bring in more elements from the story of "Stone Soup", namely the river stone. Using that to create a texture on the logo felt very successful and in continuing that process I was able to achieve a very nice looking logo for my food truck.

To see more on this project check out the full case study!

Stone Soup


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