The Haunting of Hallow Hill

The Haunting of Hallow Hill is a survivalist board game where 2-6 people play, as ghosts, trying to scare a family out of the house they have been haunting for the last 100 years. Players compete to see who can scare their family the most over a period of seven rounds. However, if a player fails to scare their family out they will be exorcised. 

Players roll dice, collect component tokens, and cause hauntings to collect Fear Points. However, each player also draws a Light Card at the end of each round to see what their family does to try to kick them out. 

This game was primarily illustrated by hand on paper then scanned into photoshop and colored there.

c. 2023

Player Cards

Player cards are a set of six cards that feature Unique ghosts from different cultures & mythologies from around the world. The selection process started with around 70 different ghosts, spirits, and demons. Once they were selected, they were illustrated and then after that, by using the other game elements, they were given corresponding powers.

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The map depicts the eerie little town of Hallow Hill. There are seven total areas that can be played in: Mitzy's Circus Grounds, Camp Lockwood Lake, Old Cabin in the Woods, Steeple Ln. Station. Hallow Hill Cemetery, Ms. Elkin's Elementary, & the First Church of Hallow Hill. The map was made to show a town that is in ruins, adding to the horror vibe of the game. A function of the game is to claim areas of the board.

For a player to claim an area of the board, they must either mave the majority of Component Die on that area, or they must place two Specialty Die the corresponding spots. Specialty Die placed on component icons will count against players trying to claim an area.

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Dice are placed on the board in specific corresponding areas to cause effects. These effects can vary from collecting a component token to summoning an exorcist that will negatively affect the other players.

Each player gets a set of six dice: four component dice, and two specialty dice. The component dice are colored to match the player cards color scheme.


Component Tokens are used to cause hauntings. By placing dice on the board, players can collect tokens and use them to 'buy' fright cards. The tokens are cursed bones, ectoplasm, and will-o-wisp.

Fear Point Tokens are collected when a player claims a map area at the end of a turn, or when they are affected by a light card at the end of a turn. Either of these conditions will result in a need for the Fear Point Tokens

Fright Cards

Fright Cards are used by the players to cause hauntings. By using Component Tokens, players can 'buy' Fright Cards, doing this gives them the correlated amount of Fear Points, located on the back of each Fright Card, as well as giving them the effect of the played card. These cards allow players to use their wits and cunning to strategically get a leg up on the competition. Included in the Fright Cards is the Specialty Card, Spirit Away, by playing five of these cards the game is over immediately.

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Light Cards

Light Cards are a game mechanic that are used to make the game more challenging for players. At the end of each round each player pulls one card. These cards represent what the family they are haunting does during the daytime to try and fight they ghosts off. Each card is doubly effective towards one of the ghost, creating more suspense.

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The box is designed to resemble the player cards, helping to tie together the entire game. Using the pile of skulls motif creates a sleek and eerie package for the game to come in. Furthermore, the box is designed to be displayed vertically instead of horizontally like most other board games, creating a statement piece of sorts. The box is uniquely constructed to fit the elements into it. The light and fright cards fit into slots that are underneath the icons on either side of the map, which fits into the center of it all. Below that lives the player cards, dice, exorcist totem, and the tokens.

Rule Manual


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